Flat Ads has been selected to the list of "China's Digital Marketing Ecosystem Map 2023 Edition"


Recently, the Digital Marketing Professional Committee of China Business Advertising Association, the organizing committee of the Tiger Award, and the Spike Marketing Academy jointly released the list of selected candidates for the China Digital Marketing Ecological Atlas (2023 Edition). The atlas contains a total of 19 major tracks in three categories and 109 sub-tracks, and includes more than a thousand digital marketing quality service providers, media and technology companies.

Flat Ads, as an overseas marketing platform covering the global market, has been successfully selected in the China Digital Marketing Ecosystem Map (2023 Edition) with its high quality digital marketing services and extensive influence.

In the era of information explosion, digital marketing has become one of the most important factors for enterprises to stand firm and move forward. In the face of the wave of digitalization, Flat Ads will cater to the market trend and continuously improve its technical strength and service quality, so as to better contribute to Chinese enterprises going overseas.