Flat Ads has made AppsFlyer's global lists again this year based on its strength and volume!


The 16th edition of AppsFlyer's Comprehensive Ad Platform Performance Report, a mobile attribution and marketing analytics company, was recently re-released! The 16th edition of AppsFlyer's Comprehensive Performance of Ad Platforms Report was recently released! Flat Ads, by virtue of its strength and volume, has been selected as one of the four global lists of non-game Top-level traffic media in AppsFlyer's Comprehensive Performance of Advertising Platforms, which has been recognized by the industry!

It is reported that AppsFlyer's annual "Comprehensive Performance of Advertising Platforms Report" continues to provide professional and comprehensive analytical insights for mobile marketers, with the 16th edition covering 11.5 billion unnatural activations for 30,000 apps in the second to third quarter of 2023, as well as 75 media channels and 5.6 billion conversions.

It is worth mentioning that this year's report is no longer ranked separately for Apple SKAN and traditional attribution, but only divided into three systems: iOS, Android and remarketing (Android), and ranked comprehensively in 2 dimensions: volume and strength for different regional markets and different categories of APP's media channels.

Among them, the volume ranking mainly reflects the "large volume and small volume" after the channel excludes the amount of cheating; the strength ranking integrates the channel's traffic scale, placement competition, retention, cheating and other factors, weighted to make the ranking, reflecting the overall quality of a channel.

In this year's list, Flat Ads ranked 16th in the Life&Culture app strength list and 17th in the volume list for the Asia-Pacific region on Android, and ranked 16th in the volume list and 19th in the strength list for the Finance app!

As the world's leading mobile advertising and marketing platform, Flat Ads has 600 million exclusive traffic, including tools and game products with a daily activity of more than 100 million, covering more than 200 countries and regions around the world, focusing on India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and other markets. It is understood that Flat Ads is an advertising platform founded in 2019 and officially certified by Open Measurement SDK of IAB Labs in the United States. Previously, it has been awarded the TOP traffic media for non-game lists by AppsFlyer for several times, and it is also the top 10 overseas marketing platform for two consecutive years from 2021 to 2022, as rated by a number of industry media.

In recent years, Flat Ads has continued to provide high-quality distribution and realization service support for hundreds of tools, video platforms, social products, games and other partners to go overseas, and has demonstrated an eye-catching performance of ultra-expected high ROI and high eCPM, providing customers with the best quality effect marketing, branding, and other global marketing and promotion services, and easily reaching the target users. If you have any needs related to overseas volume marketing, please scan the QR code below to contact us.