December 7-8, Bangkok, Thailand, Flat Ads meets you at Affilliate World Asia


On December 7-8, Flat Ads will participate in Affiliate World Asia Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand, to talk with many industry players about new insights in the global traffic field and discuss the current situation and future trends of the industry.

It is reported that Affiliate World Asia (hereinafter referred to as AWA) is a globally recognized mobile Internet alliance mega-event and the largest Internet traffic conference in the Asian region. The show provides a valuable platform for digital marketing professionals, advertisers, affiliate marketing experts and practitioners in related fields to share knowledge, exchange experiences and build business relationships.

Flat Ads Marketing VP Ruoce Wang, SEA Regional Manager Qingqin Wei, and BD Manager Dimas Arya will attend this AWA conference. If you have the need for user growth or advertising cash, you are welcome to contact our senior professional team by private message from our public number [Flat Ads] (appointments can be made in advance), which will provide you with marketing solutions to reach your marketing goals and provide maximized revenue.

It is understood that Flat Ads was founded in 2019, and has now passed the official certification of Open Measurement SDK by IAB Labs in the United States, and is the world's leading mobile advertising and marketing platform. Through an exclusive developer matrix network, Flat Ads provides customers with the best quality effect marketing, brand promotion and other global marketing and promotion services with vivid and interesting interactive ads and programmatic ad trading platforms, helping advertisers accurately acquire users, enhance brand awareness and achieve growth goals globally.

Flat Ads traffic covers India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other markets, including tools and game products with more than 100 million daily activities, and provides advertisers with real overseas network alliance buying services. In addition, with the advantage of intelligent marketing platform, Flat Ads provides advertisers with diversified traffic choices and comprehensive traffic channels with high-quality overseas traffic and advanced traffic algorithms to accurately reach target users. At the same time, the platform also provides developers with advertising cash services, massive overseas advertising resources for overseas app traffic cash for higher income, to maximize revenue.

About Flat Ads

Flat Ads is one of the top 10 overseas marketing platforms in 2022 and a new mobile marketing platform with 600 million exclusive developer traffic. In recent years, Flat Ads has provided high-quality distribution and realization service support for hundreds of tools, video platforms, social products, games and other partners to go overseas. Through its deep cultivation in the field of interactive advertising, it has demonstrated an eye-catching performance of high ROI and high eCPM beyond expectation. Its various product forms, docking methods, and easy-to-use and efficient DSP/SSP platforms have earned it a rapid development trend and good service reputation, and it is one of the overseas marketing platforms that cannot be ignored.